Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh *Boy*....

So0o my best friend went to have her gender ultrasound done today.... they're 90% sure it's a GIRL! I told her that it totally figured she would get my girl and I would get her boy...

The simple fact is that I'm just now getting use to the idea of having a boy. I have been terrified. I didn't have any brothers!! Good thing, too, considering my sister always walked around naked....

On top of that this is like raising children of the opposite sex which neither Cory nor I have any experience in.... he only had a brother and I only had a sister!

Is there some kind of weird rule book out there about how to raise brothers and sisters?!

The truth is that my entire life I never actually imagined raising a son!

When I was in third grade I can specifically remember the mother of one of the boys in my class. She always came on field trips and to parties. I can remember sitting and staring at her and thinking "Do you know how HORRIBLE your son is?! I NEVER want to have a son. I HATE boys."

In third grade they were annoying, in sixth grade they called me names, and by eighth grade they were breaking my heart! On top of all of this I've never personally known the mother of a teenage boy who seemed to have any sense whatsoever!!!! Yeah, yeah, I know they're out there.... but I don't know them! Oh my gosh, I need to focus more on what I'm gonna do when I get peed on and less on the teenage years- I cannot handle that yet.

Boys are my sister's thing... she has boys... she knows how that goes.... but ME?! I've been packing up outfits and tiny hairbows in mourning over the loss of the fact I won't be using them any time soon!

Aren't I just a horrible mother?! But hey, at least I'm admitting it. Don't get me wrong. I love the pea. I'm exciting about a lot of things and I'm glad I'm having a son... for my husbands sake. I really wanted this for him....

But oh my gosh, WHAT IF THE NEXT ONE IS A BOY, TOO?!