Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm pregnant, OKAY?!

...that seems to be my excuse for everything these days.

Let me just tell you, I. AM. MEAN. I have always been somewhat of a push-over. I've always let people say or do things that upset me and let it roll off my shoulder. Not anymore! I am one pregnant woman you do NOT want to mess with. I swear I just cannot control it. My waitress yesterday, looking at the display picture on my phone (without being invited might I add) asked me why I would use such a picture, and not a happy one. "She's smiling". She ignored me. "She's actually SMILING, thank you. She has a very big SMILE," I said, almost shouting over her babbling.

And how about that Kroger cashier who stuck her hand in my face? Oh, that wasn't pretty my friends. Please don't explain to me how to use WIC when the way you are doing it is illegal. That ended in a conversation with her manager.

And let's not forget about all the parking lot fights I've been in lately. Don't waste your time to stop and yell at me over anything- regardless of if it was my fault because I am liable to track down your car and key it while you're inside. .....okay, I haven't done that, but I have considered it!

And last but not least there was that horrendous fight with my mother in law that I promised I would blog about.... buuut I just still don't feel like I can talk about it. I don't even like thinking about it.... and out of all the incredibly justifiable times I've had to blow up on her (like when she came to my house 2 weeks after I had a baby- trashing it, starting fights, and claiming I had my child on her birthday on purpose to take focus off of her) I wound up not being able to take another word after she tried to give me parenting advice. She, who beat, abused, and neglected my husband for years walking out of the room in protest of the way we've chosen to raise our child?!.... I don't think so.

I'm sure the rest is yet to come. I bet I get even more rude, angry, and obnoxious.

On a side note, as most of you know, we found out the gender of the baby yesterday! (And by we I mean me, Adleigh, and my friend Hannah!) Cory was unable to go, and I am refusing to tell him until I can SEE the reaction on his face. Hopefully this will be Saturday, but he may force me to tell him before then. After he knows, I'll be sure to let you guys know! Until then.... :)